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Murata shares four successful experiences, promising three new markets.
In the past few years, the growth of semiconductor industry has mainly come from two major areas: one is server-side demand for large amounts of computing and memory chips (CPU/GPU/FPGA/memory) due to AI/big data; the other is smartphone. Apart from the continued growth of handset processor/memory/camera chip market, the brighter handset emitter Frequency front-end (FEM), because high-end 4G mobile phones support more global band/carrier aggregation and miniaturization needs, bring more quantity and higher unit price power amplifiers, multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), surface wave filters (SAW) and small communication modules.

It belongs to the latter and Murata lucky, because the global leader in MLCC, SAW and small field communication module (40 60% global market share in the producer), peripheral components in the 2016 fiscal year (up to 2016 years 3 months) to produce a beautiful performance -- income 1.2 trillion yen (about 110 billion dollars), gross margin of over 41%, The operating profit margin exceeds 22%, and net profit margin exceeds 16%.

Murata Takamori's four successful experiences

How can a peripheral component supplier achieve such a high profit margin? The first lesson is to adhere to the innovation and promotion of new products, including the promotion of new products and new markets in the current market, the new products and new markets as key assessment indicators for long-term success. Marketing Director Murata Hao Maruyama said in 2016-2018 of Murata's three years in the medium-term plan, to achieve a key to 5% to 10% of the sales growth rate and operating profit of more than 20% of the target, is the target of new products sales ratio is 40%, through the efforts provide new value to customers. Increase sales . Maruyama Nho said, 2017 years in the intelligent mobile phone market in addition to Murata sales of new products, will continue to expand the automotive electronics, health, Networking (IOT) and other new business.

The magic of product innovation from Murata vertical integration from upstream materials to products, technology, processing technology, product design technology and postprocessing technology materials. Vice President Sun Kunquan Murata said China District, electronic equipment electronic components from good good, good electronic components from good material, Murata is not the blind pursuit of scale, and pay more attention to their mastery of the material source and the upstream core link.

The future is a Murata strategy to continue to consolidate the existing core business intelligent mobile phone market, the promotion of PA module, NFC antenna, MetroCirc integrated RF products and new products such as crystal, 5G, IOT and AR to promote the technology and application of intelligent mobile phone.

With the development of multi band technology field of intelligent mobile phone, placing a plurality of transmission lines in the narrow space demand more urgent, jointly developed by acquiring company MetroCirc can be linked to a plurality of high frequency signal transmission line integrated substrate in a thin, thin, very suitable for the miniaturization of the intelligent mobile phone and IOT market demand . In addition, with HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo and millet Chinese intelligent mobile phone manufacturers are in the product design is the pursuit of perfection, they also learn Apple began using custom PA module and more modular design.

On the other hand, Murata will also be in automotive electronics, networking, medical wisdom as several key markets in the future, these areas in Chinese also developed very quickly. Koga, an analyst at Mizuho bank, said that every country had to face such problems as population aging, urbanization, energy, environment, transportation and medical care. Since the early 1990s, Japan began to make efforts to readjust its industrial structure and capacity, and spent a lot of time dealing with the economic bubble, until 2013, and began to promote growth strategy, while China The bigger challenge lies in simultaneously optimizing the industrial structure and achieving the two goals of economic growth. But he stressed that the challenges brought great opportunities to the new energy automotive electronics, China, networking and smart medical and other new electronic technology and industry.
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