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Classification and characteristic range of Murata magnetic beads
Murata magnetic beads are also known as ferrite beads. In Murata electronic components, Murata magnetic beads are mainly divided into static noise components/EMI noise filters/electrostatic protection devices, whose main function is noise filtering.

Murata magnetic beads can be divided into three series: BLM series, DLW series and DLP series. They are applied to the circuits of common noise, common mode noise and common mode choke respectively. The functions of these three fields are introduced afterwards.

Most of the capacitors in the noise element are used to transfer the noise to the underground, but if there is no stable grounding, it will be ineffective. The ferrite beads can be quieting even if they are not grounded. Ferrite is inserted into the wire and the magnetic field generated by the wire is collected into the coil by collecting the force of magnetic flux [mu]. Then the magnetic loss of the ferrite is converted into heat to consume the magnetic energy collected in the ferrite, and the noise will not leak out. So even without grounding, you can mutate.

The noise current is superimposed on the signal current. In general, the frequency of signal current is relatively low, and the frequency of noise current is usually high. In order to reduce the noise current, a much larger impedance is applied than the signal current, so the magnetic flux generated by the static noise current is connected to a larger ferrite bead by the impedance signal line, which reduces the magnetic flux of the noise current. It has the same effect as BLM.

When the current of the common mode noise is different from that of the current, the differential current. The direction of the current is opposite, and the noise and the 2 wires are similarly affected. Both wires are connected to ferrite beads, and the magnetic flux generated by the signal current cancels each other, so it is totally unaffected by the impedance. On the other hand, the magnetic flux generated by noise current can not be completely offset, so it is affected by the impedance of ferrite (= noise current is reduced). In addition, because the signal current is less affected, it does not want to slow down the waveform. It has the same effect as DLP/DLW.

In terms of function, SMD element sheet ferrite beads (sheet EMIFIL < BLM series) and sheet common mode choke coil (DLW/DLP) can play the same role. The big difference is that there is no need to install the substrate. That is, in the final stage, it has the advantage of simple installation.

Above is the classification and characteristic range of Murata magnetic beads. I hope you can understand the function of Murata magnetic beads very well through this article, and choose the appropriate model conveniently and correctly.
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