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Ultra detailed knowledge of Murata products
Murata, Japan, is an internationally renowned manufacturer of patch capacitors and inductors. Its inductance quality is very high. At present, the patch inductors are widely used in mobile phones and other industries in China. This article will introduce Murata products and their characteristics in detail.

1. Classification of Murata inductors

According to the internal structure of inductance, Murata inductance can be roughly divided into five types: LQG multi-layer (air core), LQH winding (ferrite core), LQW winding (air core), LQM multi-layer (ferrite core), LQP film.

Murata inductors are divided into stacked inductors and winding inductors. With small size, high performance, innovative winding and external structure, Murata inductors have low DC impedance and excellent high frequency characteristics. Murata inductors are widely used and can choose the most suitable varieties and characteristics according to the circuit.

Two, Murata inductance product lineup

Murata's inductors adopt multi-layer technology, thin film technology, winding technology and other processes, and make the most suitable design for the purpose, realizing miniaturization and high performance inductors, providing a rich product lineup from power supply to high frequency.

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