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How much do you know about MURATA capacitors in various circuits?
1, positive and negative voltage source terminal of a capacitor (and parallel circuit), for rectifier circuit, has a good filtering effect, when the alternating voltage, the charging effect of the capacitor, the voltage can not guarantee the mutation, voltage stable.

When used in battery power, with AC pathway, this is equivalent to the AC signal to avoid the short circuit of the battery, the battery voltage drops, the internal resistance of the battery becomes large, circuit to produce parasitic oscillations.

2, for example, what kind of circuit in series or a capacitor and can achieve the effect of coupling capacitance and discharge, not what is the difference?

In the exchange of multistage amplifier circuit, gain and power level due to a different bias. The different levels of DC! If the direct coupling level will make the work at all levels of oneness between the partial value through mixing does not work! Use capacitance pass blocking characteristics can not only solve the level of exchange coupling, and isolation the level of partial value through mixing, shoot two hawks with one arrow!

3, two basic amplifying circuit coupling capacitor, capacitor and DC + + pole pole phase, to pass blocking effect, how will reverse it, will also play a pass blocking role, why should it take it!

It will reverse electrolytic capacitor leakage, change circuit of the DC operating point of the amplifier circuit is abnormal or not work

4. What is the function of capacitance in RC coupled amplifier circuit?

Isolating DC signals makes the static working points of adjacent amplifying circuits independent of each other and does not affect each other.

5, analog circuit amplifier without coupling capacitor bank, still can amplify? Book amplifier and coupling capacitors between transformer secondary coil and triode AC DC resistance is explained, the last output into the next level of input, the stage is not affected, the former stage is after a alternating current. How is the alternating current. It will interact with each other. I really can't think of adding a capacitor.

You made a mistake. The former level is actually AC, but the next level is AC superposition DC. The transistor needs DC bias. If there is no blocking DC capacitor, coil transformer DC bias transistor will turn off to bypass (because the inductor is through DC)

6. The basic amplifying circuit is the coupling capacitance. Can the coupling capacitance be nonpolar?

In the basic amplifying circuit, coupling capacitance to video rate, when the frequency is high, with no pole capacitor, is relatively stable, the pressure can be relatively high, relatively small volume, but the capacity do not. The biggest is used by the alternating current partition DC, widely used in high frequency communication channel, bypass, resonance circuit. (simply understood as high frequency access)

When the frequency is low, not because of low capacity capacitor, capacitance increases relatively, we must use a electrolytic capacitor polarity, due to its internal added electrolyte, the capacity to be big, so low frequency alternating current through the partition, dc. But because the internal is intermediate between extremes of organic medium, so the pressure is limited, for low frequency AC pathway, filter, decoupling and bypass circuit. (simply understood as low frequency access)

7. Ask the circuit master to tell the function of the coupling capacitor.

In the amplifying circuit, using coupling capacitors pass blocking effect, the high frequency AC signal can be smoothly through the circuit, a level amplifier, and straight flow is blocked within each level.

8, please use the battery power supply circuit, capacitor why charge and discharge, to delay action? Thank you master pointing.

Capacitance is a collection of electric charges. You can imagine it as a water cup. During charging, the voltage rises slowly, and the discharge is reversed. You only need to detect the voltage at both ends of the capacitor to realize the delay. Such as charging, at the beginning, the voltage across the capacitor is zero, with the charging time, switching voltage gradually rises to voltage can you set the control circuit. Of course, discharge can also be used in turn. The delay time and the capacity of the capacitor, capacitor leakage, charging resistance, and voltage, sometimes the load resistance into account.

9, capacitive coupling, using capacitor pass blocking characteristics, prevent the DC component before and after the class between the crosstalk, caused by unstable working points.

10, the resistance capacitance coupling amplifying circuit can only amplify AC signals, and can not enlarge the DC signal. Is it right or wrong?

The capacitor is a kind of electronic components. The DC resistance. So the AC resistance capacitance coupled amplifier circuit can amplify the AC signal. The DC signal amplification circuit with direct coupling
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