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Chip inductor
Chip inductors, also known as surface-mount inductors, are just like other chip components (SMC and SMD). They are a new generation of leadless or short-lead microelectronic components suitable for surface-mount technology (SMT). The welding surfaces of the lead-out ends are on the same plane.

Chip inductors are titles that are classified in the form of inductor structures. According to the classification of the structure and manufacturing process, inductors are divided into two types: plug-in three-dimensional inductors and chip inductors. An inductive coil (also commonly a hollow coil) is formed on the magnetic core. The characteristics of this type of inductor are large inductance range, high accuracy of inductance value, high power, small loss, simple manufacturing, short production cycle, and sufficient raw material supply. The disadvantages are low degree of automated production, high production cost, and difficulty in small and light Quantification.

Advantages of chip inductors

First, save space

When the inductor is formed according to the pattern on the circuit board (or the inner layer of the circuit board), it is basically a planar structure.

The chip inductor has a three-dimensional structure, so as long as it has a low inductance, the function of the inductor can be obtained by drawing a pattern on the circuit substrate.

Especially when an inductor of 10nH or more is needed, it can save a lot of space.

Simple tuning

When impedance matching is performed, the inductance value may be changed several times for adjustment.

To change the inductance value of the pattern inductor, it is usually necessary to change the circuit board, so it is difficult to adjust.

The chip inductor has a very small inductance value, so you can adjust the matching by replacing components.

Third, guaranteed characteristics

When the inductor is formed according to the pattern on the circuit board, due to the standard deviation of the characteristics of the circuit board material and the standard deviation of the processing accuracy, the inductance characteristics also have standard deviation.

Chip inductors are sorted in full at the factory to keep the standard deviation of the inductance value within a certain range. Therefore, it is possible to contribute to manufacturing a stable performance machine.

Inductors are called various coils wound with insulated wires. An electronic component that is wound into one or more turns with a wire to generate a certain amount of self-inductance, often called an inductance coil.

When a current passes through a coil, a magnetic field is generated, and an increase in the current in the coil will increase the magnetic field strength at the same time, but this increase is not infinite. After the magnetic field in the coil's magnetizer reaches a certain limit, the increase of the current cannot also increase the magnetic field strength.

It can be called "magnetic saturation", and the current intensity when this inductor can reach magnetic saturation is considered as the saturation current of the inductor.

Causes of inductive magnetic saturation: The electrons rotate around the outer orbits of the atoms. The electrons generate a weak magnetic field during the rotation of each layer. The magnetic field of each layer is different, so the directions are different, but the role The force is zero and there is no magnetism. When a coil is energized, a magnetic field is also generated. After the magnetic lines of force pass through the magnetic material, the electrons start to rotate. The magnetic lines of force generated by the coil are eliminated. The larger the coil current, the more the magnetic material electrons will change the direction of rotation, and all will be magnetic. When the electrons rotate in the same direction, magnetic saturation occurs.

Factors Affecting the Magnetic Saturation of the Coil: When the cross-sectional area of the magnetic circuit of the material is larger, the smaller the current flowing, and the smaller the number of turns of the coil, the less likely it is to be magnetically saturated. The larger the overcurrent, the larger the number of coil turns, and the easier it is to reach magnetic saturation. Therefore, a transformer with a higher power has a larger volume (large cross-sectional area of the magnetic circuit); there is a large DC current in the high-current filter inductor, and magnetic saturation is likely to occur. In addition to the shape of the coil, an air gap must be added to the magnetic circuit to increase the magnetic resistance and avoid magnetic saturation.
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