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Six things to note when using inductors!
What should be considered when choosing an inductor? When selecting an inductor, it is necessary to consider whether its performance parameters (inductance, rated current, quality factor, etc.) and its external dimensions meet the requirements.

In actual selection, the following 6 items should be noted:

① The inductor value should be the same as the circuit requirement; especially the coil inductance value of the tuning circuit should be accurate. When the inductance is too large or too small, the coil turns can be reduced or increased to meet the requirements. For coils with adjustable compassion, the magnetic core should be adjusted to the middle position when measuring and debugging. When the difference in inductance is large, it can be solved by series and parallel methods.

② The higher the Q value, the better. When the inductances of the two inductor coils are the same, the smaller one can be selected according to the definition of Q value (XL / R), or the one with the same value and large wire diameter can be used.

③ The applied voltage and current cannot exceed its rated value.

④ For inductors with electrical strength requirements, the types of packaging materials with high withstand voltage need to be selected. Generally, inductors with good withstand voltage have better moisture resistance. Resin impregnation, encapsulation and die-casting processes can meet this requirement.

⑤ The lead or pin of the inductor mainly considers pulling force, torque, soldering resistance and solderability. When the component leaves the factory for more than six months, the solderability test should be repeated to ensure the reliability of welding.

⑥ For chip inductors, the pad size should be referred to when designing. If you choose an inductor with a pin, you can interchange the vertical and horizontal inductors with the same parameters without clear regulations and sufficient installation positions.
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