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The difference between chip capacitors and chip electrolytic capacitors
First, the chip capacitor

1. The full name of the chip capacitor is a multilayer chip ceramic capacitor, which is a collective name for most of the capacitors that can be used for chip packaging. Electrolytic capacitors are a type of capacitor property classification.

2. Chip capacitors are classified into non-polar capacitors and polar capacitors. Polar capacitors are generally called electrolytic capacitors, but some electrolytic capacitors are not suitable for chip packaging, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors for energy-saving lamps.

3. SMD capacitors are generally small in size, small in capacity and high in accuracy, while electrolytic capacitors are large in size and variety in variety.

Generally, the volume of the chip capacitor is smaller than that of the plug-in unit, and it is more suitable for the development of the times.

The use of chip capacitors: chip capacitors have a considerable role in the mid-high frequency, its small size, high withstand voltage, high-frequency resonance point ESR is very low (several mΩ), usually used for mid-high frequency (100k-hundreds) M) Filtering, it is best to use all resonance frequency bands. For example, 102, 103, 104 (ie 1nF, 10nF, 100nF) grade ceramic capacitors are used in parallel.

2.SMD electrolytic capacitors

1. The capacitance per unit volume is very large, which is dozens to hundreds of times larger than other types of capacitors.

2. The rated capacity can be very large, and it can easily achieve hundreds of UFs or even tens of thousands of UFs.

3, the price has an overwhelming advantage over other types, because the constituent materials of electrolytic capacitors are ordinary industrial materials, such as aluminum and so on.

The disadvantages of SMD electrolytic capacitors are: large dielectric loss, large capacity error (maximum allowable deviation is + 100%, -20%), poor high temperature resistance, and easy failure due to long storage time.

The use of SMD electrolytic capacitors: Since the capacity of electrolytic capacitors can achieve hundreds of thousands of UFs or even tens of thousands of UFs, in low-IF filter circuits, we must first consider electrolytic capacitors / SMD electrolytic capacitors.

It should be noted that most electrolytic capacitors have polarity, that is, the positive and negative poles must not be reversed, even if the polarity is accidentally reversed when measuring with an ordinary multimeter.
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