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Design considerations for capacitor ripple current
Capacitor specifications often include "ripple current" specifications. Does this specification affect our product design?

Ripple current (I) is the AC current flowing through the capacitor. Due to the internal resistance (ESR) in the capacitor, the ripple current will generate heat § to affect the life and function of the capacitor. Excessive heat may cause the maximum allowable core temperature of the capacitor to be exceeded, thereby damaging the capacitor.

P = I² x ESR

Because the ripple current changes with the AC voltage frequency, the ripple current value in the specification is for reference only. Please note that different manufacturers will use their own specific test conditions and standards-one manufacturer will test its materials at 100kHz, while another manufacturer will test at 120kHz.

If you want to know the ripple current, please check the ripple current graph (if provided by the manufacturer), or reverse calculation based on the given ripple and ESR values to determine the maximum "P" value that the capacitor can handle.
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