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AVX agent answer: What is wrong with the positive and negative tantalum capacitors
The distinction between the positive and negative electrodes of tantalum capacitors is very important. If the positive and negative electrodes of tantalum capacitors are reversed, the impact will be great. So what will happen? In order to let everyone understand the serious impact of the positive and negative poles, let's introduce in detail what will happen.
According to the polarity of the capacitor, the capacitor can be classified into two types: non-polar capacitor and polar capacitor. Non-polar capacitors are generally used to store charge, and are generally used in coupling, frequency selection and other circuits. The styles are diverse, and we will not elaborate here. Polarized capacitors are generally used to store and release charges, and need to be selected according to the actual situation. When installing a polar tantalum capacitor, it is necessary to pay attention to distinguish its positive and negative electrodes. If it is connected incorrectly, the tantalum capacitor will fail instantaneously.

Solid tantalum capacitors have polarity. If the two poles are reversed, they will naturally cause permanent failure. On the chip tantalum capacitors, the positive electrode is marked with a dark colored strip or beveled edge. Tantalum capacitors can not work continuously in the very reverse state. If the positive electrode of two tantalum capacitors is connected to the positive electrode or the negative electrode to the negative electrode, it can be used in the pulse circuit.

For lead tantalum capacitors, the long legs are positive and the broken legs are negative. If a reverse voltage is erroneously applied to a high-impedance circuit, the capacitor may cause damage even if the tantalum capacitor is not short-circuited. In order to protect against overvoltage and reverse voltage in the circuit, be careful not to touch the capacitor with the end of the tester. When the reverse voltage is inevitably used in the circuit, make sure that the reverse voltage cannot exceed the following values: at 25 °: apply a voltage of 10% of the rated voltage or 1V; at 85 °, apply a voltage of 5% of the rated voltage or 0.5 V, select a smaller value. If the reverse voltage is applied for more than 240 hours, a minimum resistance of 33R or more must be added to the circuit.

The reverse connection of the positive and negative electrodes of the tantalum capacitor will not only cause failure, but for customers or enterprises with large demand, if many positive and negative electrodes are reversed, it will cause unnecessary Expenses and losses. Therefore, it is critical to accurately identify its positive and negative poles.
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